Thursday, April 7, 2011

Three months down three weeks to go!

so i have been doing a biggest loser competition these last three months jan 1st to april 6th. we did it on percentages so it would be fair to the people who didn't have very much weight to lose. we had a first second and third place winner. the 1st place got 350 2nd 220 and 3rd got 130 we each put in 50 bucks. boy i can i first say im so glad its over!! i started out at 145.5 and ended at 126.2 sweet huh i lost 19.2 pds and lots of inches. i can now proudly say I CAN WEAR MY CLOTHES I WAS WEARING WHEN I DATED JUSTIN!! i kept a lot of them so glad i did now too they fit a little differently now from my body changing from having two kids which i gained 65 pds each pregancie. i got 3RD PLACE!!! at least i won my money back it was pretty close too their were six of us who were all neck and neck working are pretty tails off to the end i got 3rd by the hair of my chinny chin chin. i need to take a picture and post it maybe this saturday justin can take one of me before we go out to eat! ha ha

Now for the three weeks. In 3 weeks i will be running my first half marathon!! so crazy! i never thought in a million years i would have the endurance to run a half marathon but last week i ran 9 miles and this week i will run 10 on saturday so crazy i ran for 1 and 30 minutes last week so crazy who runs that long? anyway i have really enjoyed running and reaching new goals. after starting running i feel like im part of club now the runners club i have made so many friends that do all these crazy competitions they help to keep going. im thinking of doing a sprint triathlon next that sounded less scary than a full triathlon. and their are some biking races that sound fun too! ive found this new found world of racing and im addicted it makes working out so much more fun.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Im so not good with updating my blog. sorry
So Eli is now 5 months old well Monday he will be. He is so big it's so crazy to me that he is already so big. He just had his 4 month check last week and his stats are
85% weight 17.5 pds
85% height 26.5 inches
62% for his head

he is big all the way around he's my big chunk. its so funny to me jace was skinny skinny skinny and still is they are so different jace scared my away from having more children and eli makes me want more because now i know that Jace as a baby wasn't normal. Jace is so sweet with Eli i thought that he was going go backwards as many children do and be mean and jealous. but he is as sweet as can be and as been since day one it makes it so much easier. He brings me Eli's binkies and blankets and bottles mostly when i don't need them but he thinks he is helping and it almost makes me cry every time it happens cause i love it so much! Its funny sometimes jace will lay in the bouncer and put Eli blanket over him to be like his brother because i don't have the heart to stop him i now need a new bouncer for my next baby i don't care it was worth it to me! Jace will also take is hand like i do and do i love sweep over Eli head and hair it's soo cute i hope they grow up to enjoy each other like they do now. Eli laughs and laughs at jace he thinks he is soo funny i love watching him watching jace.

More news justin started a new job a sit down dress nice kind he started this week and loves it so far. its funny one of the first things he said when he came home the first night was this is so weird i don't have to go shower right away from being filthy i can just sit down and relax right away! i thought that was so funny true but funny I'm so happy for him this job right here was the whole reason justin went back school and got his 4yr degree so he could go get a different job. We have been blessed so much!

As for me I'm just trying to stay alive i decided to test my self to my core and run a half marathon on April 23rd with my sister and couple of friends. I'm really excited about training i have never run farther than probably 4 and half miles so I'm way nervous but I'm excited about reaching my goal it lets me focus on something for me my own little escape from being mommy 24/7. and in the mean time getting me back in shape! it's funny i was running with my friend and we looked at each other we had been running for 30 minutes so far and about to stop and she said do you know when we run the half marathon we will have been running for 2hrs straight if we run at this pace. i started to laugh because that sounds soo crazy to me i couldn't fathom my self running for two hrs it seems impossible yet i know that whats will happen if i keep crazy well this are update for now hopefully i will be better over this next month! :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Eli's Blessing

We blessed Eli this month on December 5Th he was 3 months old when he blessed him which was how old jace was when we blessed him only jace looked like a 3 month old. Eli looks like a 6 month old. He is such i toad i love it he is smiling and laughing at his older brother all day long i love it. so at his blessing we got to our ward 35 minutes early to get a good spot well little did i know our ward people bring baskets and blankets and bags to save spot's as early as an hour before no one is their just their stuff so crazy i was so shocked when i got their and we were still sitting on the very back bench of the bench's it was so crazy! well i know now ha ha

we all know that in my Marshall family we never do things smoothly.. their is always a hiccup well their was a blessing right before Eli and when it was all quiet Eli farts and i mean huge fart like people all around us heard him and were trying not to laugh and then right after he pooped and farted one of those you know then the blessing was over and it was Eli turn no time to change him he got blessed poopy and very very stinky! ha ha all my brothers and Justin loved the smell while they were with him it was soo funny

Monday, November 8, 2010

Stats Eli

Had to take this picture so i had a picture of eli and jace in the same pose in the same church clothes at the same age!
2 month check up
Height 24 1/2 inches 96 percentile
Weight 15 pds 1 0z 89 percentile
Head 58% percentile

All around he is a big boy! i love it he totally different than jace so funny his big fat and has rolls! so adorable he is already flipping from his stomach to his back i put him on his tummy for tummy time and turn my head and he is back on his back it makes hard to get his tummy time in! and when i go check on him in the middle of night and morning when i come in to get him he totally turned around from where i put him he is a little shaker and mover! so fun.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Friday, September 24, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Baby Eli

We have internet now! how we went without it for 3 months i have no idea... well Eli was born 8/23 at 6:23 pm 9 pds 9 oz and two and half weeks early. Good thing we were induced early becuase of pre clampsia i consired that a blessing now otherwise i would of had a 11 pounder! i went in to have a nonstress test at 11:30 am and they decided to just have me induced that day becuase of the results. i was not ready for this no bag packed had nothing ready for jace sitter and bag packed. i didn't even shower that day. so they induced me at 2:30 pm i asked for my epidural at 3:45 but right at the exact moment their were two emergencies so i couldn't get my epidural i finally got it at 5:30 when i was a i know there are alot of people who have thier babies naturally i for one did not want to be part of that crowd :) i like my drugs. so i was not prepared didn't know how to breath and was freaking out cuase i thought i was going to have eli naturally. but i got it at 5:30 and eli was born 40 minutes later so igot my drugs just in time. i was only in labor for like 4 hours so it was fast. i had him so fast that he came out looking very swollen and had a bruised mouth, nose and cheek. he is so different from what jace looked like he is chunky and everything! jace has adjusted well too to my surprise i thought it was going to be rough but he ignored him for the first two weeks and then just got jealous when i fed him he would come and sit by me and cuddle with me and eli i kind of like it..i really like it :) i was stuck on the couch for awhile cuase they would both fall asleep on me and i couldn't move but all in all it was nice.